Mining Security

Through our security and risk management strategy we are geared to prevent potential incidents and avoid potential threats. We provide security solutions to the Corporate and Operational sectors of the Mining Industry. Our approach is inclusive enabling us to work efficiently with the authorities and management to resolve labour unrest situations including:

Mining specific guarding
Intelligence-driven counter-crime operations
Precious metal dispatches
Reaction Units and armoured vehicles
High capacity of riots control units
Tracking of asset
Cash or Valuables in Transit (CVIT) Armoured transit (Protection level B4 TO B6)

Armoured Retainer Packages For Minigng Companies

Package 1

R 28.000

  • Rated Per Month
  • Limited to 25 Days Annually
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Package 2

R 39.500

  • Rated Per Month
  • Limited to 37 Days Annually
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Package 3

R 53.500

  • Rated Per Month
  • Limited to 50 Days Annually
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Our Vehicles

  • Armoured Personnel carrier
    Armoured Double cab - level B6
    Armoured SUV Level B4
    Mobile Razor Wire Trailer
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