We provide cutting-edge, end to end Cash Management solutions to Government Departments, Private Business and Retail Sectors – small, medium and large. We add value to our clients through our integrated high quality services, reliability and our state of the art cash vaults

Banking and Processing
Cash in Transit
Money Counters And Sorters
Point of Sale
Cash Protection Devices / Vaults

Cash Protection Devices

Bothakga Cash Management has technology advances that cover the entire process of Cash Collection, opening bags, counting and detection of incidents. We provide “Real Time Information” and through our integrated security systems we will help you transform resource-draining cash activities into powerful advantages that drive operational efficiencies, lower risk and enhance competitive advantage

Cash Banking And Processing Services

Cheque deposits are captured – validated – proofed and balanced. From banks and financial institutions to retailers.

Payroll management and supplier paymentsOnsite, Cross

Pavement and CIT insurance

Services include change order preparation and order fulfilment

Strict Service Level Agreements with CIT companies

Cash In Transit

When your business makes a cash sale, the money from that sale is both an asset and a liability. The more successful your business becomes, the more cash it generates; and unfortunately, additional cash also means additional risk. We invest in the best vehicles which have been armoured (Level B4 to B6) to ensure safe passage of your cash or valuables to their destination. Our guards are Psira registered, fully certified and undergo very strict and stringent vetting and training procedures.

Our vehicles are monitored 247 via on-board dual-tracking devices with fully integrated GPS and GPRS technology. Our vehicles are fitted with state-of-the-art equipment to minimise risks, to ensure they don’t deviate from the pre-programmed route. Our comprehensive, all-risk insurance guarantees you will not suffer loss while your goods are in our possession. Bothakga Holdings has outsources this division of their business to major leading companies within the industry.

Money Counters And Sorters

Our Devices have been designed for under counter cash operations using a single note feed device and High-speed bulk note feed to validate the deposit. Our devices detects main power failure / Load Shading etc. and has an internal battery backup to allow for orderly shut downs and completion of transactions during power failures. The Cash Manager devices have a web- based platform in addition to local data storage capabilities to provide customers with real time reporting directly on the safe or from remote via the customer web portal. This includes a record of all historical and real time transactions, including, but not limited to, cash removed and cash dropped for up to 5 years.

Point Of Sale

We provide Point of Sale Systems to increase efficiency and smooth operations. Our systems will help you with detailed receipts, simplify reporting, inventory management, will give greater accuracy, and expand cash flow and management capabilities.

Message From Director

“Bothakga Holdings works closely will law enforcement agencies, channel partners and other stakeholders to ensure collective tactical, crime combating action plans against cash-in-transit crimes and business robberies in South Africa and outside its borders.”

T.K MolefeBothakga Security

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